Staff Engineer

Cambridge, Massachusetts  |  July 2008 - present

Staff Engineer responsible for the design and implementation of Cloud technologies at VMware. One of 3 principle interface designers for the innovative VMware vCloud Director product released 3Q 2010. Currently focused on the evolution of the next generation of VMware's Cloud products. Worked with a small team to design and implement vSphere Mobile Watchlist for iOS and Android. This highly focused mobile app supported administrators when they were away from their datacenter. Currently focused on the evolution of the next generation of VMware’s Cloud products to support developers with Cloud Native applications.
[Flex, Actionscript, Objective-C, Sketch, Omnigraffle, Axure]

Harvard University

Senior Software Engineer

Cambridge, Massachusetts  |  July 2007 - July 2008

Senior scientific software engineer designing and developing applications for the cross disciplinary group at Harvard's Initiative in Innovative Computing. Clients included Astronomy Department, Michael J Fox Foundation, Stem Cell Research.


Senior Software Engineer

Cambridge, Massachusetts  |  June 1997 - July 2007

Senior software engineer in an advanced technology group creating software tools to improve the use of the web. These tools include the Franklin XML publishing system, MyIBM personalized portal, Virtual Resource Locators and interactive visualizations for SuperNews articles and ActiveProduct browsing. Master Inventor Award, 2006.
[Java, Flex, Actionscript]

Bell Communications Research


Research Consultant


Morristown, New Jersey  |  February 1995 - 1996

Consultant creating multi-focused visualizations of hierarchical data structures such as the internet web sites and directory files. Helped to build an internal product for project management and workflow based, in part on the visual languages of flowcharts. During the summer of 1993, worked as an intern developing new interactive design techniques based on visual languages. These techniques included incremental improvement of designs as well as the completion and verification of partial designs.
[Macintosh, SGI, Windows 3.1, Macintosh Common Lisp, Allegro Common Lisp, Java]

Microelectronics and Computer Technology Corporation


Austin, Texas  |  February 1987 - August 1991

Member of the technical staff designing and developing tools to assist in the building of interactive interfaces. Assisted in the construction of the Icon Editor, a tool to support the creation of dynamic graphical icons without coding, and the Visual Language Editor, a system to parse spatially relevant 2-D sketched input.
[Symbolics 3600 Lisp Machine, Symbolics color system]

Navy Personnel Research and Development Center

Graphic Systems Analyst

San Diego, California  |  September 1982 - January 1987

Graphic systems analyst supporting and creating CAI training systems concerned with evaluating new developments in the fields of Artificial Intelligence and Cognitive Science. Development included improvements of the human interface and new graphic capabilities to the Steamer system. Specialized tools were also created and supported including a frame-based knowledge representation facility and an on-line graphic design assistant to aid in the creation of two-dimensional views for users of Steamer's Graphics Editor.
[Symbolics LM-2, 3600 Lisp Machines, Symbolics color system and AED 512, Lisp]